Tuesday, June 17, 2014

She's Got Big Ones

Before I get to the why let me set this up.

Last week there was an argument because we weren’t leaving right at 7:30 to take Baby C to the daycare like L wanted to.  I wouldn’t apologize and reminded L that I was doing her a favor and if it is so important to her that C get to the daycare at a specific time then she can walk.  Needless to say, that didn’t go over very well and she refused to see it that way – she saw it as me not caring or trying and that I just need to adjust when I get out of bed so I can be on the schedule she wants.

Last night, or I should say this morning as it was 2:30 am, Baby C started crying and L gave her a bottle (didn’t work) – turned on the Disney Channel (didn’t work) so she just let her cry.  At about 3:00 I had had enough so I got up and went in there and picked up C.  L said she didn’t know what she wanted and just wanted to sleep.  I took the baby into my room; we snuggled in bed for a bit, she looked out the window, had the rest of her bottle, and played with the blankets.  She just wasn’t tired and wanted to be with someone.  After about 45 min of this I took her back into her room and put her in her crib.  She cried for about 30 seconds, realized I wasn’t going to come back in, and went to sleep.

It was now almost 4 and my alarm goes off at 5:30.  I honestly contemplated just getting up and doing something but knew I would be way too tired later in the day so I went back to sleep.  Somehow, I turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze and overslept until 7:30 (refer back up to the first paragraph!!)  I ran into Land C’s room and told her I overslept and she needed to get up.  At 7:42 the following conversation took place:

L:             It’s 7:42 and if I walk her to the daycare she will still miss breakfast.

Me:          What do you want me to say – I overslept.

L:             She still needs to go to daycare – why didn’t you get up

Me:          Maybe it’s because . .

L:             (interrupting) you did it on purpose!

Me:          No – I was going to say because I was up with your daughter in the middle of the night

L:             Just give me the keys and I’ll get her to the daycare

Me:          You’re not driving my car

L:             It’s only ½ a mile away nothing’s going to happen

Me:          You’re not driving my car

L:             What do you think is going to happen?  I’m not drunk

Me:          You’re not driving my car.   

L:             (walking out of the room and talking to C) I guess you don’t get to have breakfast

Told you – Big Ones!!  I’m still shaking my head that she had the nerve/balls to ask me to drive my car.

Baby C had yogurt and Cereal at home in case you were worried she didn’t get breakfast. J


Saturday, June 14, 2014


This was the first Saturday in over a month that I wasn't the Baby C Taxi!  It was wonderful!

For the last month I have had Baby C Friday night, gotten her ready Saturday Morning, driven her to her Dad,s and then picked her up.  The driving is 1 Hour each way. 

Baby C and L are gone for the weekend. Today I was able to have a relaxing shower, lunch with a friend, and a leisurely walk around Target!

When I got home I had the TVs in the living room and my room on the same channel so I could feed my addiction - Showtime was playing Twilight Breaking Dawn I and II back to back.  Love those movies and can't count how many times I've seen them!  

It was such a nice day.


Monday, May 26, 2014


Have you ever had someone do something to you where you said or thought - Karma will get you.  Sometimes Karma happens very quickly and other times it takes a long time - so long that you start to think Karma will never get them.  Well, I'm here to tell you that sometimes it's well worth the wait.  In my case, it took 20 years of waiting but Karma finally showed up!! 

Randi Lehmkuhl was the other woman 22years ago. She slept with my husband and he left me for her. She knew he was married with a baby but that didn't stop her. She is the baby of her family and always got what she wanted - didn't matter if it hurt anybody else. She also told my husband that he should try for full custody of our daughter because he was a better parent - of course that was before she "accidentally" got pregnant herself and they had to get married. Suddenly my daughter became this inconvenience that she had to deal with every other weekend. 

So now we jump ahead 20 years.  Karma took awhile to step in because Randi kept a pretty tight hold on my ex so he wasn't able to escape. He finally had a chance to make a move when he was able to get a job back in Washington and moved up here without her. He got a taste of freedom, breathed the fresh PNW air, and got his backbone and balls back.  He moved her out here and after a few months told her it was done. He wanted out.  

KARMA Sweetie - She's a bitch!!!

I decided to write this for 2 reasons - 

  1. She posted on FB thanking her family for helping her through her darkest hours. That's what made me think - Karma's a Bitch!!  Hope you feel even worse than I did. 
  2. Someone said to my ex that he was selfish and to think about what he was doing to his kids - where were these people when he left his first child. This person got a bit of Karma too - they know who they are and what it was. 
For those of you that may be thinking I played any part in this or that I was "the other" woman. Wrong!  I'm just happy for Karma, that L gets to have her father around, and C gets to have her G-Pa!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Semantics and Intolerance

I have noticed that people get so focused in on words these days that they are unable to hear or look at the whole meaning of what someone is saying.  Two examples come to mind from this week.

     1.  Mark Cuban – under fire for what he said in regards to the Donald Sterling racist issue.  Are people upset with the point he was trying to make . . . No. They are upset with one example he gave and are calling him a racist for it.

The point he was trying to make was that we all have internal judgments/prejudices based on how we perceive something or someone.  The example he gave was that if he were to see a black youth wearing a hoodie walking on the street late at night he would cross the street, if he saw a bald white guy with tattoos walking on that side of the street he would walk to the other side.  It’s all based on your internal thoughts and feelings. 

Is he getting hammered because of the substance of what he said – no!  People have pulled out one section of what he said - black youth wearing a hoodie

It’s not racism – its prejudice - which is different.  What is prejudice – it is pre judging!  We all do this whether it is based on color of skin, male/female, skinny/fat, young/old, American/foreigner . . . etc

      2. California Mayor – people are asking for him to be recalled because of 3 words he said.The mayor made remarks during a city council meeting regarding a proposal to put “Safe Zones” around town where children could go to seek refuge from bullies.  He responded with “I’m against bullying but I’m getting damn tired of it being used as a mantra for everything and the ills of the world. When all most people have to do is grow a pair and stick up for them damn selves.” 

      Can you pick out what people have clung to and are making a big deal about . . . . . you got it . . . . . grow a pair!  Was he saying that he doesn’t care about kids being bullied . . . . No!  He was expressing an opinion that he thinks “bullying” is being used to explain everything that is wrong with the world.

Does anyone else find that in these examples people are being vilified for not having the same opinion as everyone else?  They are being called racist and intolerant by others for not thinking the same way.  Isn't that intolerance! 

This is a country of freedom and free speech – not a country of freedom and free speech only if you think like everyone else.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Two things about Sammamish -

  1. Their Police Department is located in a Community Center and not very easy to find once you walk in the door.
  2. Don’t get a DUI or have your car involved in a DUI. The City of Sammamish has a law that they will not allow the tow company to release your vehicle until you go to the Police Department and show them a valid driver’s license, insurance, and pay them $100 cash. I understand the thinking behind this; don’t want drunks able to get their cars back easily. But when you’re the owner of the car and not the DUI Driver, it’s a little frustrating.
So my experience in trying to get my car released was interesting. When I first walked into the Community Center I saw a sign that said Police – I turned into that little alcove. There was no one at the window, you can’t go through the doors, and the desk area at the window was dark – no lights on. I saw a sign that said to go to the 2nd Floor King County Sheriffs office. So off I went to the 2nd floor.

The lady at the desk for the Sheriff’s Department was very rude! I walked up and said I was here to pay the money to get my car. She gave me this dirty look and said I don’t know what you’re talking about you’re in the wrong place. I again said that I was told I had to pay $100 to get my car released. She said that’s not here it’s on the 1st Floor. I told her that it didn’t look like anyone was there and I had seen a sign that said to come up to the 2nd floor. She then rudely says that she was just down there and unless the girl ran out the door someone is in the 1st floor office and that the sign I saw was only for gun permits. Not sure if she was having a bad day, if she is always like that, or if she just wanted to be pissy because she knew I was trying to get a car released that had been towed for DUI. Either way – King County Sheriff you might want to get a new front desk person at your Sammamish office.

I went back to the 1st Floor, looked around, and finally found a small doorbell so I rang it. The gal that came to the window was so friendly and helpful – quite the change from the gal on the 2nd floor. She copied what she needed, pointed me to the clerk that would take my cash, and sent me on my way.

Oh yeah, they won’t fax the release form to the tow company, you have to go there and actually hand it to them. So I got to drive back to Ken’s Towing in Redmond to let them know they could release my car to the insurance company.

While there I decided to take one last look through the car to make sure I had gotten everything out of it. Sadly, there was something missing. I had a Buffy Cross necklace and a Criss Angel necklace hanging from the rearview mirror – The Buffy Cross has hung in all my cars since I got from the WB Store in Seattle it about 10+ years ago. Recently L hung her Bluetooth device from the chain so she could talk hands free in the car. Well someone, either at the accident scene or with the tow company, decided that they wanted the Bluetooth and instead of unhooking it they just grabbed all the chains and pulled. Yup, all that was left were broken chains hanging. Couldn’t care less about L’s Bluetooth but I really liked my Buffy Cross.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Drama Drama

Since my last post I have become the Grammy to Little Baby C!  She is 3 months old now and the joy of my  life.  She is one of the few things right now that is good in my life.  Wish I could say the same thing about her mother.  :(

There has been so much Mama Drama!  The first few weeks after Baby C was born I thought L had grown up and was making strides towards being a responsible grown-up.  Then her friends started coming around and bringing bottles of alcohol.  Then she went back to smoking cigarettes.  Then, even though she had stated she was going to quit so she could get a better job, she went back to smoking marijuana.  Just because it's legal now in WA State doesn't mean employers are going to look the other way if you pop positive. 

Then she started asking me to babysit on Friday nights - I didn't have a problem with that because I liked having some one on one time with my grand-baby without her mother looking over my shoulder making me feel like I didn't know what I was doing.  Then that turned into Friday overnights - and eventually I turned into the weekend Nanny.

The major drama happened last weekend though.  L went to a friends house to hang out - I was taking care of Baby C.  Phone rings at 1:30 am - those calls are never good and this one held to that.  L had been in an accident with my car.  She first started out saying someone hit her and drove away.  The police showed up and she said she would call back to let me know what was going on.  Next call came from a witness - she told me that L had been arrested and that there was no other car involved in the accident.  Next call was from a Detective with the Sammamish Police Department to let me know that L was being processed for DUI and would be transferred to the Issaquah Jail, my car was being towed to Redmond and it was probably totaled. 

L called me Sunday morning from the jail wanting me to bail her out.  Not gonna happen and I am proud to say it didn't happen!  She stayed in jail until Tuesday when she was arraigned at Issaquah Court.  She is now wearing a SCRAM Bracelet on her ankle to measure whether she has any alcohol at all.  If it goes off - she will owe big money that she can't afford and will probably end up back in jail.

I am now in the process of working with my insurance company to get my car replaced.  There have already been some interesting things with that which I will write about tomorrow.  In the meantime - I am going to go to bed and hope I am not woken up by another 1:30 am call.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today's Sign . . . .

I sometimes listen to The Dori Monson Show while I am at work. He always ends his third hour with “Today’s Sign That The End Is Near”. This is when he will highlight a story that just shows how people are overly sensitive, PC, sue happy, etc. Today he had a story before this bit and then the story he had in the bit that just made me shake my head and wonder really!!

Story before the end - this was about an elderly gentleman in Texas who shot a man breaking into his home. The part of the story that had me shaking my head was that the burglar’s family members were outraged that this gentleman shot their family member. They were like – he should have given him a warning, let him know that he had a gun and was willing to use it – everyone has problems and he should have given the burglar a second chance. What!?!? Really!?!? This guy was breaking into an old man’s house! Whatever happened to putting the responsibility where it belongs? The guy shouldn’t have been breaking into houses.

Today’s sign was the following – A Mom back East has a 10 month old baby who has dwarfism. She was shopping at the grocery store and saw a jar of Midget Dill Pickles. This so outraged her that she started a petition online to get the company to change the name of the pickles because it was insensitive to use the word midget. The company gave in and is going to change the name because they didn’t want the media attention. Really – whatever happened to if you don’t like something then don’t buy it? The word midget has been around for a very long time and the Webster’s Dictionary definition is:

1. something (as an animal) much smaller than usual

2. sometimes offensive : a very small person; specifically : a person of unusually small size who is physically well-proportioned
See – the word is sometimes offensive if you use it to describe a person. Using it to describe a very small pickle is not offensive.

I just don’t get it. When did people become so overly sensitive?